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What Do Bridesmaids Do?

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What Do Bridesmaids Do? Important Duties to Know.

What Do Bridesmaids Do? Important Duties to Know.

Let us guess, you were just given one of the most exciting and important duties of your life, you are a bridesmaid for a soon-to-be bride you love and care so much about. And you are probably wondering what bridesmaids do besides wearing a stunning bridesmaids’ dress. If your answer is yes, then you just arrived at the right place because we are about to tell you all, don’t miss our third duty as it is one of the most important!

Wedding planning 

While many couples tackle the wedding planning task together, we know brides always need some backup for certain tasks. Perhaps you won’t go around visiting venues or sampling cake, but you can help find nearby accommodation, transportation, or wedding favours. And if there are some DIY projects, gather up the bridesmaids’ club and get ready for a crafty night. 

The point is to be there for the bride. Some are very organised and have it all figured out, while others could use some help. Whatever the case, your main duty as a bridesmaid, is to be there and help with the wedding planning. Sometimes your bride only needs company through the process or someone to talk about her plans. 

Dress hunting 

One of the main bridesmaid duties is helping the bride find her dress and figure out what the bridesmaids will wear. And by that, we don’t mean you should be telling her what to wear or complaining about the colour she picked for you. You should be booking appointments here and there, offer to drive her to the bridal store, keep your mean comments to yourself and gracefully accept that coral bridesmaid dress even if you don’t like it!

While you visit bridal boutiques, it is crucial to reassure the bride; if you feel like she is having doubts, you can always ask the right questions; here are some examples. 

–         What do you like/dislike about this dress? 

–         Do you feel comfortable moving? 

–         Would you love it if you could change something about it? 

And if someone is being rude or negative within the group, one of your duties is to ask them to stop. Because it is not the time or place for anyone to shine over the bride-to-be, even if it is a sister or mother. And don’t forget to be honest without being cruel; honesty is always appreciated when looking for a wedding dress. 

Organise the hen party or bridal shower 

The moment you have been waiting for, the night when you say goodbye to your single friend and party like there is no tomorrow. There are some major rules while organising a hen party, but you can find all about that in our blog. First, we advise you to gather the bridesmaids and discuss the theme, who to invite and figure out when and where to celebrate. 

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We recommend you think outside the box, forget about the classic places and themes, and focus on making the night unforgettable by personalising the entire experience. If you lack ideas, you can always contact us to plan a luxurious hen party on our Platinum Package to spend an unforgettable evening sailing through the Sydney Harbour. Plus, you won’t have to worry about anything because the boat is fully equipped with everything you need and more. 

Attend all the important events 

Without a doubt, if you want a quick answer to your question, what do bridesmaids do? Our simple answer is to be there. Regardless of the time, you should be there for the bride-to-be. And most importantly, you need to show up to all the wedding-related events, from the engagement party to the after party. And don’t even think about missing the rehearsal dinner because you must be aware of what should happen during the ceremony so you can intervene if someone forgets about its participation. 

The only way you can miss those events is if you or one of your loved ones is in the hospital; well, not exactly, but you get the point. There are no excuses for missing the opportunity to be part of such unique moments in your friend’s life. Please make time to attend every single one of them and do so with the biggest smile and be willing to help and participate as much as possible. 

Be a rock for the bride. 

The bride-to-be wants to feel like she has someone to rely on during her wedding day; if her dress is stained or a missing button, you should be there. When she has a breakdown, because she will at some point, you should be there to remind her why she is doing all the wedding planning in the first place. Remind her how many times she met the wrong guy and cried her eyes out, how you both ask a star to find the one, and now she has him, and she is about to marry the love of her life. 

By now, you know what do bridesmaids do, and you can see it is all about supporting your bride-to-be. Friendship and love are some of the pillars of an adult’s life, and if you are fortunate enough to be a bridesmaid to a friend, put on the bridesmaid uniform and deliver her the best bridesmaid of all times. 

And if you wish to help her plan the hen party of her dreams, don’t hesitate to contact us and start planning the entire trip. You don’t even need to leave Sydney to have the time of your lives, but while you are on one of our boats, you will feel like you are somewhere else and focus on having fun. We offer you different packages to accommodate your needs and the size of your party, and you can enjoy and do nothing by contracting our catering and drinks service. And don’t forget our boats have easy access, so get your colour-coordinated swimsuits ready and hit the water. 

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