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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the Platinum Package

If you are booking a cruise on Silver Spirit (Platinum package) with the all-inclusive per-person packages, these are your terms and conditions:

Terms and Conditions for all other cruises

If you are booking a cruise on Hens Party Cruises partner vessels, these are your terms and conditions:

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Covid Terms Applicable to all cruises

9. Government Orders, COVID-19 and events outside of our control

9.1 Your compliance

  1. Charters are classified under the hospitality and recreational sector. The Agent, The Operator and The Charterer agree to comply with all government orders relevant to the hospitality and recreational sector and/or charters in general. This includes any orders and requirements of the Australian government relating to COVID-19.
  2. The Agent and/or Operator reserve the right to refuse any of The Charterers group to board any Vessel if they have not complied with any relevant and applicable government orders, with no refunds offered.

9.2 Government orders

  1. The Agent is only accepting bookings for tours and Charters that are within the vessel’s COVID capacity and in accordance with the relevant government guidelines and travel restrictions. This capacity can change based on government orders. The Charter will be held to the capacity that was in place at the time The Charter was booked.
  2. Based on current guidelines at the time The Charter is confirmed, The Charter can proceed on the selected vessel, and operators and vessels work within COVID safe guidelines.
  3. The Agent and/or Operator reserve the right to refuse entry of anyone on the vessel if it will cause non-compliance with any Government order or law. No refunds will be offered.
  4. Closure of state/national borders should not be deemed a reason for a reschedule/cancellation based on the below policy if the charter can operate under NSW government orders.

9.3 Rescheduling and cancellations

  1. If the Government enforces stricter conditions, and accordingly, The Charter cannot proceed as per the original booking confirmation, you may be given the following options:
  • reschedule for a date within twelve (12) months of your original booked date; or
  • obtain a refund of any monies paid, minus a $500.00 administration fee. If your booking has been made on one of the Agent partner Vessels, this option may not be available
  1. The option selected at the time the Agent contacts you to advise The Charter has been affected will be deemed the final decision. You cannot change from a reschedule to a refund at a later date or vice versa.
  2. A change to the date or refund would only be allowed if Government orders or laws mean that The Charter or tour cannot proceed. A reschedule or cancellation for any other reason will be subject to the reschedule/cancellation policies noted in condition 4.
  3. If catering has been ordered for The Charter, and The Charter is cancelled or rescheduled within 4 days of The Charter date, you will be required to pay for this catering, irrespective of the reason for the rescheduling or cancellation.
  4. You will not be entitled to reschedule The Charter to a departure date between the months of November to January;
  5. If the pricing for the new date selected has a higher rate, you will be required to pay the difference.
  6. All monies for the original Charter date will be transferred to the rescheduled date as a credit. Credits are non-refundable;
  7. If 25% or more of The Charter’s group OR the bride to be, attending The Charter returns a positive COVID-19 result or are directed to isolate by the Government due to being a close contact, you will be offered a reschedule for a date within three (3) months of the original charter date. You will need to provide proof of this;
  • A rescheduling fee of $500 will apply, along with unrecoverable staffing, catering and extras costs (if applicable);
  • Rescheduled dates are only available for Sunday to Thursday and are subject to availably;
  • The Charter will be rescheduled for the same amount of guests originally booked. You can add more guests for the relevant per-person price, however, there are no refunds for guests unable to attend the new date.
  • If the number of guests that cannot attend falls below the 25% criteria, The Charter will proceed as planned, or if a reschedule is requested then the terms noted in condition 4 are applicable;
  • There are no refunds for rescheduled charters. Should you not reschedule the cruise within the 3 months the balance is forfeited as a cancelation fee;
  • Proof of all guests positive results will need to be provided at the time of rescheduling;
  • The bride-to-be’s name must be provided in writing to the Agent at the time of booking the Charter and be included within the booking confirmation.
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