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Top 5 hens Party games

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Top 5 hens Party Games

Bring your hens party to life

You’re organising the Hens Party, and everything seems ready to go. The guests know what to expect and wear, the venue is booked, food and beverages are sorted, and the stripper is coming. But wait! What games are you playing? Here are our top 5 hens party games.

Here is a list of the best Hens Party games to break the ice and make everyone laugh!

Remember that the hens might not know each other. Some could be friends, but others are from the family or are the bride’s work colleagues. Games are a great way to bring the group together and share in the fun.

How well do you know the bride?

A simple question and answer game to find out how well the hens know their bride. Whoever knows the most about her wins! 

We have a downloadable sheet that you can print and bring to your party.

Give each of the hens the game and a little bit of time. Five minutes is enough! 

The host asks every question out loud, and the bride will answer it. Each correct answer adds a point.

Whoever has the most points wins!

The Mr and Mrs quiz?

Next, we want to know about the couple and their relationship. This one needs a bit of planning as you will have to ask the groom these questions first,  with his answers in your hands, you ask the bride and check if they both have the same answer. 

Questions like: 

  • How did they meet? 
  • What was the first date? 
  • What do they love to do together? 
  • Who is the cleanest?
  • What do you love most about them?

And everything else you want to know about them. Just gauge the invite list to ensure you are not too naughty if their mothers (and grandmothers) will be at the party. Imagine their faces knowing her daughter’s favourite sexual position! This game is so much fun to realise that the answers are almost always different!

Guess the Hen

The next on the queue are the hens. In this game, each hen wrote on a paper one funny and cheeky experience or the moment she had with the b2b. 

The host read it aloud, and the bride needed to guess who wrote that.  Ask the bride to explain these stories better and have fun with the crazy ones.

Now that everyone knows each other and is comfortable let’s dress the bride.

Toilet paper dress

The lovely shape and the perfect fabric are for the wedding day. For the Hens Party, we make the funniest dress.

Pretend to be a fancy designer and create the most fabulous dress with toilet paper and creativity. The sky is the limit; if more hens want to play, you can choose other hens to be dressed up. What do you think about the one that lost the first game? You can have a catwalk with the designs.

To finish our collection of extraordinary games, we have the

Pass the bouquet (or any other parcel)

Make a circle with all the hens and turn the music on. The bride is in control of when the music stops. 

Every time the song stops, whoever with the bouquet in their hands is eliminated from the game. 

The last one wins.

The hen’s party is the time to have lots of fun with the girls before the big day. These top 5 hens party games a going to help you with that.

Please share with us any other games you like or have done before. We love to hear others’ experiences.

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