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Hen Party, Bridal Shower, Kitchen Tea: What’s the difference?

Kitchen Tea

Hen Party, Bridal Shower, Kitchen Tea: What’s the difference?

Hen Party, Bridal Shower, Kitchen Tea: What’s the difference?

Weddings come with various previous events that build up the excitement of the upcoming celebration. But nowadays, there are so many different events, and we understand how confusing this might be. Traditions change, and we need to keep up with them to make the most out of the engagement phase. 

There is a kitchen tea, bridal shower, and hen party for brides-to-be, but do you know the difference between them? Should you have them all or pick one? Can they all be combined? So many questions and so much planning to do. Well, no worries because we have figured them out, and we are here to tell you what each of them means and solve all your doubts. 

What is the difference between a kitchen tea, a bridal shower, and a hen party? 

This is one of the most common questions for brides as their wedding day comes closer. And naturally, we all have heard about them but are they different? What happens at each one to make them unique, and who is invited? Don’t worry, here is all we know about them. 

Kitchen Tea

Traditionally Kitchen Tea Parties are celebrated with female guests only, they happen about a month before the wedding day, and the main purpose is to gift the newlywed items for their kitchen. It is a casual event held at the bride’s or bride’s mother’s home, and gifts include kitchenware, baking goods, pans, glassware, and so on. Some of the activities played at this event are related to providing advice to the couple, perhaps recipes or ways to nurture a healthy marriage.

Bridal Shower

Bridal Showers are traditionally celebrated with female guests, but we have seen some modern takes, including men. Again, this event could happen four to six weeks before the wedding day, and the attendants shower the couple with useful items for their new home, like appliances and decorations. This event can be held at a venue like a restaurant, event venue, at home or even on a cruise. The maid of honour and bridesmaids are usually behind the organization of this celebration. A theme, decorations and a cute photo spot are a must, and it can happen anytime, from brunch to dinner. 

Hen Party 

Now on to one of the most anticipated pre-wedding events, a fun gathering where your girlfriends celebrate your farewell to single life. It can be as intimate or large as you wish; the main goal is to have fun and a night to remember. Hen parties happen about one month before the wedding; they usually happen at night and can last anything from a couple of hours to an entire weekend. Destination hen parties are popular and unique venues like a cruise can turn a hen party into an unforgettable celebration. 

Who should be invited to each event? 

Making a guest list is no easy task, but the main rule for wedding-related events is to invite those who are also invited to your wedding. The main difference between them is how intimate they are, but still, you are free to invite whomever you want. The kitchen tea is supposed to be intimate and relaxed, including close family and friends, female only. A bridal shower could be larger and include more than close friends and family, even from both genders. Lastly, a hen party should include your friends and bridesmaids, those who would enjoy a fun moment with you. 

Who pays for each event?

Depending on how traditional you and your family are, here are some guidelines regarding who usually pays for each event, but there are no written rules. Nowadays, many couples pay and even organize their celebrations. A kitchen tea is often hosted by the mother of the bride, her mother-in-law, or even the bridesmaids; they are the ones who pay. The hosts pay for a bridal shower, whether it is the bride’s or bridesmaids’ family. For a hen party, usually, each attendant pays for themselves, and they split the cost of the bride. 

Can you have all 3? 

The short answer is yes! You can have as many events as you wish; consider the difference between them and if they feel right. For example, kitchen tea might not be so interesting for a couple with everything they need for a household or if their families are too small or big. Our advice is to communicate with your bridesmaids and family before any of those events to voice your wishes.  

Can you have one event combining all 3? 

The sky is the limit, but we see it a bit hard to combine such different events. Perhaps you can have a kitchen tea in the morning and then a hen party at night, but if you wish to enjoy each of them, our advice is to give each one its time and space. You can start around six weeks before the wedding, so each event has a weekend, and you still enjoy three weeks before your wedding without being too tired. 

As you have seen so far, kitchen tea, bridal shower, and hen party have one thing in common, celebrate your upcoming wedding and make you feel loved. But each event has peculiarities, such as who hosts the event, how intimate it is, and its purpose. If you have doubts about what to do or if you should host one or all three events, you can always rely on your partner, bridesmaids, and friends. And finally, don’t forget you make the rules; even if etiquette dictates one thing, you can do whatever makes you feel comfortable. 

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