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Barbie-core hens party theme decorations

Barbie-core hens party theme

barbie-core hens party theme

From hot pink Barbie outfits to the coolest Barbie platform heels – we have everything you need to go party like Barbie!

Previously, if you said you were a fan of Barbie as an adult, you’d be sure to turn some heads, and any suggestion of a Barbie hen do would be quickly overridden – but not now, not today!

Unless you’ve been living under a pink rock this last year, you’ll know that the Barbie-core revolution has well and truly arrived, and it’s not going anywhere.

Ever since the world first caught a glimpse of Margot Robbie (what a babe!) as Barbie in the upcoming film, Barbie and Barbie-themed-everything has been popping up left, right, and centre – and we love it!

Barbie-core hens party theme is all as hot as the pink!

Barbie-core hens party theme decorations

Hens Party Cruises Sydney

Come on Barbie, Let’s Go Party Banner

$38 – The banner is made out of premium sparkly glitter card stock and the back is white.

Hot Pink Metallic Tinsel Foil Fringe Curtains

$19 for a pack of 2 – What you get: 2 pcs 3.28ft x 6.56ft (1mX2m) Tinsel foil fringe curtain/backdrops, enough length to decorate your party.

Hens Party Cruises Sydney
Hens Party Cruises Sydney

Pink Balloon Garland Arch Kit,

$45 – Hot Pink Rose Gold Chrome Balloons with Heart Lip Silver Disco Ball Balloon.

This pink balloon garland kit includes 104pcs latex balloon (colour in rose red, pink, metallic rose gold, white, size in 5inch, 10inch,18inch) with 2pcs silver disco balloon, 1pc lip shape foil balloons, 2pcs balloon arch accessories. A roll of 16ft tape strip and dot glue provides a perfect DIY balloon installation.

Barbie-core hens party theme outfits

Matching pink outfits for everyone, or have the bride-to-be stand out in white.

Other decorations

8″ Mirror Disco Ball 


DISCO BALL MATERIALS – foam-made inner ball covered by solid glasses [secured well and evenly placed]. Lightweight and easy to install.

Hens Party Cruises Sydney
Hens Party Cruises Sydney

12 Pairs Heart Shaped Sunglasses 


The package comes with 12 pairs of pink heart-shaped glasses, you can choose black and blue but we know the obvious choice is going to be PINK!

Here at Hens Party Cruises, we are all about sending the future bride off in style. From planning and organising tips to ideas on themes, games and of course the perfect Hens Party or #henspartycruise, we are here to help.

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