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How to pull off an Audrey Hepburn bridal shower

There’s no doubt why Audrey Hepburn is a style icon for many women all around the world. She has a renowned fashion sense and chic personality. This does’t just show up in costume parties, but in hens party themes, too! If you’re a fan, why not turn your hens party cruise into one that’s inspired by the elegance and sophistication of Audrey Hepburn? Here’s how to pull off an Audrey Hepburn Bridal Shower.

audrey hepburn bridal shower

An Audrey Hepburn quote

Apart from her outfits, Audrey is also remembered from her memorable movie lines. Hang up your favorites as part of the décor.


As a cute rule, make it a point that all invited ladies must come with an Audrey-inspired hairstyle: the classic top knot bun or the side-swept bangs, to name a few. If you’re taking it a step further, go together to a hairstylist before the party starts!

Something (Tiffany) blue

It could be the invitations, the name cards, or the giveaway box—this shade of blue is such an iconic color that’s associated to our celebrity inspiration to bring to your Audrey Hepburn bridal shower.

Elbow-high gloves, pearls, and tiaras

It’s the perfect time to play dress up with your girlfriends! Provide a “dress up table” where you could take photos while pretending like you’re a princess or a celebrity.

audrey hepburn bridal shower

A piece of cake

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Audrey Hepburn used to love enjoying chocolate cake in the afternoon. Serve up some dessert with an Audrey twist like these cake pops. You can customize your bridal party cake here.

From My Fair Lady to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, there are lots of details you can use to add fun to your party!Hope you likes our Audrey Hepburn bridal shower inspirations.